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Pewter Casting / White Metal Casting Process

SpinCasters can produce custom designs for your business or organization using your designs or we can design for you.  The production of all of our pewter products is done with a process called spin casting or white metal casting. The process usually starts with your metal design being carved by hand in wax.

A production mold is then made with the castings being laid out on a silicone disc and then cured with heat and pressure in a vulcanizer.  This rubber mold is spun in a centrifugal caster while pewter is poured into the center of the mold resulting in a replica, with excellent detail, of the master metal design. 

Depending on the size of the design as many as 5 to 25 or more can be produced with one spin.  The metal designs are then cut off the sprue and are ready for finishing.  Using this method of white metal or spin casting can result in being able to produce 100 to over 1000 per hour depending on size of design which greatly reduce cost and lead times. 

Our pewter products are poured by hand in, lead free pewter, tin or zinc that is finished a variety of ways including burnishing, hand polishing, sand blasting and antiquing.

Metal Designs have endless possibilities in white metal, pewter, tin or zinc a a very affordable price.

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